Lean in the Community Event Recap: Metro Caring

How do you run an event with 2 participants and 10 observers? How do you facilitate a process map with limited knowledge of the processes? Can you add value to an organization by bringing in outside eyes who don’t understand the process, or does it only create confusion?

Trying Out New Adventures

On February 13 and February 20 we had an opportunity to wrestle with these questions and test out our theories. Metro Caring hosted 10 CLN members to observe a two part Rapid Improvement Event to address some of the challenges with their dry goods sorting and restocking processes. During part 1 the Metro Caring team developed a process map and dug into the barriers that were preventing them from keeping their store shelves full during operating hours. In part 2 we engaged the Metro Caring staff as well as the CLN members to brainstorm some solutions to their challenges.

New Collaboration with Metro Caring

20190213_165136#1These events were part of a new collaboration with Metro Caring in which CLN provides some free consulting while CLN members have the opportunity to observe real-time improvement events. These events highlighted many of the challenges with running an improvement event (time constraints, stakeholder engagement/understanding) which gave our facilitator Meagan Brown an opportunity to test out a variety of facilitation skills. Metro Caring was patient with us as we work out the challenges of this new style of facilitation.

Encouraging Results20190213_173905#1

Despite some challenges with the new format, both groups felt that the time was well spent! A CLN member said that they really enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the improvements and see how these events can be facilitated. Metro Caring was able to make improvements to their dry good stocking processes and they are seeing more full shelves than before.

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