Kaizen 101 Toolbox

The Horrors of Lean - Guest Post by Mike Loughrin, CEO for Transformance Advisors Pondering Failure With the excitement of Halloween in the air, different thoughts sneak into my mind. One topic, I’ve been pondering, is how too many organizations struggle with their lean transformation and find themselves in the category known as “we tried that and it didn’t work.” Looking … Continue reading The Horrors of Lean
Lean Everyday Innovation A3 - “The Colorado SOLVE Guide is the State of Colorado’s method for Lean problem solving that helps Colorado employees streamline work processes that have become inefficient, freeing up time and resources to perform tasks that really matter to our customers” (State of Colorado OSPB website, 2019). Purpose/Description: The Lean Everyday Innovation (LEI) A3 is intended to guide you … Continue reading Lean Everyday Innovation A3
Denver Zoo Peak Academy  - Do you ever wonder how the Denver Zoo uses process improvement to innovate? Watch this short clip. Thanks for sharing Sophia Ernst.
Lean 101: Kaizen = Continuous Improvement - There is no better video to explain the roots of Kaizen and the Toyota Production System than this one. When delivering food to those affected by Superstorm Sandy in 2012, efficiency was of paramount importance. Watch how Toyota helped streamline one relief effort in order to deliver more food, faster.