Meet the Team

Management Team

Grace is the glue that holds this group together. A founding member of the Colorado Lean Network, Grace is “…passionate about empowering employees to simplify their lives and provide stellar customer experiences for our customers.” Grace brings that same enthusiasm to the group while heading the daily operations and strategic focus. Mike supports Grace with the operations and strategy. Mike brings a desire to “…teach people how to eliminate frustration from a process” with him to the Colorado Lean Network. In addition to supporting the CLN’s strategy, Mike also supports the group by developing and managing a variety of self-service resources–such as this website. Chloe maintains the branding for the Colorado Lean Network. She is “…passionate about behavioral economics (BE) and applied psychology” and continues to be a key resource for assistance with developing messages that aim to sustain and grow the Colorado Lean Network.

Colorado Lean Champions

Consulting Champion Education Champion Engineering & Construction Champion
Brian Pool Not Filled Not Filled
Government Champion Government Champion Healthcare Champion
Not Filled Kirsty Dykes Jennifer House
Insurance Champion Manufacturing & Supply Chain Champion Information Technology Champion
Chris Baumgartner Jamie Parker Chad Higgins

Here is what we have been up to…

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