Upcoming Board of Director (BoD) Openings

2019 marks the end of the initial term for the first Colorado Lean Network Board of Directors. This is a time filled with mixed emotion. Over the past three years, our board and members have accomplished amazing feats, including:

  1. Established a brand, mission and website
  2. Spearheaded community outreach workshops with Metro Caring
  3. Led various Lean learning workshopsfor FREE
  4. Supported the 5th Annual Colorado Lean Summit
  5. Grown to over 475 members

We purposefully established the board with terms in order to promote innovation and energy to flow through the CLN. Don’t worry. Our current board members aren’t running for the hills just yet. We expect to remain in place throughout this entire transition, which will extend from June 2019 – January 2020. Now is your chance to get your foot in the door and show the current board where you would take the CLN if you had the opportunity.

The process looks something like this:

  1. View the open volunteer BoD job descriptions
  2. By 5/31, submit your resume and cover letter, highlighting which job you are applying for and how you will meet or exceed the CLN’s mission.
  3. The current BoD will review, interview and select a new BoD (date TBD)
  4. Members will vote to approve or deny the selected 2020 – 2022 board

I mentioned mixed emotions above. Business aside, this message has been very difficult to write. The current board has been one of the most amazing teams that I have had the fortune of working with and it is hard to imagine business as usual without them. Whatever the future is, this team has set the bar very high and I am so excited to see what is next. We could have very easily rewritten the bylaws to extend the terms or lock in directors, etc. Nevertheless, that is not fair to the CLN and it is time to pass the torch. Please, we wish you the very best and good luck from all of us on the Board of Directors.


-Mike Shull
Executive Director
Colorado Lean Network

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