August 2017 Quarterly Kaizen at Denver Health

Attend the Next CLN Quarterly Kaizen hosted at Denver Health!

Eventbrite - CLN Quarterly Kaizen at Denver Health


  • Friday, August 4, 2017
  • 1PM – 4PM


  • 790 Delaware St., Denver, CO 80204
  • Pavilion C in the basement
  • Park in the public parking garage at 660 Delaware St., Denver, CO 80204

Venue Location

Parking Location

Dress Code

Business casual.

About Denver Health’s Lean Academy

The Denver Health Lean Academy was one of the first healthcare delivery organizations to successfully adopt Lean as an improvement methodology with quantified success. And now, in collaboration with Healthcare Performance Partners, we want to kick start your organization’s Lean journey by teaching the value of the Lean methodology and practices in the healthcare setting; and by providing hands-on experience.

Lean training is ideal for leaders in hospital administration, nursing, quality improvement, EMS, supply chain and government employees. There is great potential for hospitals and healthcare systems across the nation to improve patient care and reduce inefficiency by utilizing this system for operational excellence. Together we can change the healthcare industry, making it safer and more efficient for patients.

Our Lean workshops reflect Denver Health’s progress on its never-ending Lean journey and will help you understand the systems within and the successes achieved by Denver Health. We currently offer several Lean workshops – from beginner to advanced – and invite you to sign up for the Lean Healthcare Exchange and Healthcare Performance Partners newsletter to stay up-to-date on new workshop offerings!

Eventbrite - CLN Quarterly Kaizen at Denver Health

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