Looking For a Document?

The Board of Directors has successfully completed a Google migration. Nonetheless, you may experience broken links as a result. Please contact us if you see anything out of sort.


In order to handle the growth of the Colorado Lean Network, we formed a non-profit in 2019. This step allowed for us to get a variety of resources that we did not have access to before. One of those resources is a free Google Suite, including a Google Team Drive.

As we continue to grow in members (550+), we have also grown our support staff. This growth has made collaboration an urgent challenge. The new Google Suite allows for us to better maintain document storage among other important tasks (calendaring, conferencing, etc.).

In the past we were operating out of a personal Gmail account. As you can imagine, this created numerous document ownership challenges which were not an issue when we were smaller.


In order to gain back control of our documents so that we can prevent the loss of your valuable resources (tools, resources, etc.), we needed to migrate them to a Google Team Drive that was under our new non-profit domain. However, the sharing links under this drive work a little differently. They are more secure. Nevertheless, you may have lost access. If this happened, not to worry, we are here as a resource to you.

Please drop us a line if you need to regain access to any of the documents that have been previously shared with you.

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