A look back at the March 2018 Quarterly Kaizen at Lutheran


Event Overview

Thank you to all who attended the 2018 Quarterly Kaizen at Lutheran and helped make the event successful for all.  Over 60 Colorado Lean Network (“CLN”) members from all industries attended the event where CLN Lean champions took the opportunity teach new Lean tools to the group, while applying those tools to learn what the wants, needs and desires are of the members.  

A big thank you to all at Lutheran Medical Center in Wheat Ridge for the use of their training rooms.  The opportunity to have breakout sessions in separate rooms is a luxury for us and Lutheran came through!

The Road We’re Paving

The event started with a virtual tour of evolution of the CLN organization, highlighting how we went from a bunch of emails and spreadsheets to a functioning resource and networking organization. Grace Wilcox,one of the founding members of the CLN, spoke about the evolution of the network, as well as about the summits, goals and aspirations of the network as we continue to grow. The heart of the Kaizen was the breakout sessions. CLN Lean Champions taught members about lean tools and then used these tools in order to gain valuable feedback that will be used to guide the CLN’s strategic focus.  

Breakout Sessions: You learn, We learn

It’s a sure thing in the Lean world that resources and tools are the keys to success.  With this mind, the Lean Champions created four breakout sessions for the day. The goal was to educate members about new Lean tools that could be easily replicated within their organizations, and, according to survey results, we nailed it! 

Find the presentations here!

Breakout A (How does the customer define value)
Presenter: Lean Champion Kirsty Dykes

Lean Champion Kirsty Dykes spent her sessions teaching members about the Kano Model, helping the group understand what your customers true unspoken wants are and what actions you’re doing that keeps them satisfied. Kirsty used simple examples to show how the Kano Model works, which was a smash with the audience. One audience member said, “Kirsty did a fantastic job using the Kano Model to show individuals delights become basic needs how over time.”

Using the Kano model, Kirsty took the opportunity to prioritize what the CLN needs to fix, not fix or improvement upon.

Breakout B (Rapid-fire decision narrowing)
Presenter: Lean Champion Jamie Parker

Led by Lean Champion Jamie Parker, the group connected quickly on the subject of slow-moving projects and how to nudge them forward.  Jamie introduced the audience to the “decision matrix” Lean tool, allowing the audience to identify, analyze, and rate the performance of relationships.  

“I’m not the only one who sits on teams that get stuck in rut” said one CLN member in the audience. “This session gave me some great tools to get my team moving again.” At the end, Jamie, with the help of participates, developed a quick and solid brainstorming session, helping the champion team better understand the desires of the members.

Breakout C (Measures of success for CLN- Lean measures)
Presenter: Lean Champion Brian Pool

Our Consulting Lean Champion, Brian Pool, quickly guided the breakout teams through the Lean Measures Checklist, with a focus on current examples of measures that were practical and “not onerous” to collect and share.  Brian shared his thoughts on the Lean tool and how to apply the logic in the real world of difficult to source cost. The audiences provided their feedback and experiences while jotting down measures they have used to measure time, quality, process and cost.  

One participant quipped that this rapid checklist approach was “immediately helpful” while another was glad to hear other participants and their challenges with Lean measures.  Brian collected and shared the 40+ project scopes and supporting measures that participants shared on the sticky wall. This Excel sheet (and his PowerPoint deck) are available to members.  

Breakout D (Brainstorming and affinitizing)
Presenter: Lean Champion Jen House

How do you facilitate effective brainstorming? How do you account for different participants who think differently? Presenter and Lean Champion Jen House led a breakout session answering those questions by introducing the group to popcorn and silent brainstorming, along with affinity diagrams. Jen used the session to help identify the content/themes for our upcoming Kaizen and Summit events and developed an arsenal of fun and effective networking exercises to help you connect more easily with your colleagues at our events.

NETWORKING: Quick opportunities to learn and meet

Continuing to make networking a strong component of the CLN events and activities, we took the opportunity at the March Kaizen to do a rapid fire approach after the two breakout sessions.  The goal was to get attendees to have to teach what they just learned to another CLN member in attendances. This sort of member-to-member coaching provided individuals with the opportunity to meet others while learning from each other.

Let’s keep this train rolling

The event closed with a short presentation from CLN Lean Champion Jamie Parker on how CLN members can get involved. As Grace Wilcox stated at the beginning of the day, “The growing success CLN is completely determined by the ability to work as a network.”  Grace went on to say, “As the network continues to grow, it will be the members that drive the continued success of events.”

Get involved, lend a hand

We encourage all to lend a hand, be a sponsor, host, provide resources, or present at one of the events. Also, please participate with our social media groups by posting your favorite articles, sharing learnings, and asking questions to other members on LinkedIn or Facebook.  You make the CLN go!

Get involved, lend a hand

4 thoughts on “A look back at the March 2018 Quarterly Kaizen at Lutheran

  1. Cynthia Christie says:

    This is a great summary with wonderful helpful take aways for a marvelous and creative event! Look forward to implementing the great ideas and growing together. Thanks for providing this!

  2. Duke Nielsen says:

    I was in Jen House’s breakout session at Lutheran and agree that it was very interesting and useful. The whole day’s program was a treat and much appreciated.

    I am looking forward to offering a breakout session at a quarterly Kaizen or any other CLN event. The session is 3 person group discussions on learning and practicing how to quickly and effectively develop work relationships in which people achieve the following work relationship mission: To create and sustain relationship climates in which OPTIMAL: 1, exchange of understanding, 2 individual and relationship participant achievement: 3, and adding to their quality of life are most likely to occur.

    The session is very much related to Study Action Team development.

    Duke Nielsen, President Engagement Systems

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