2017 Annual Lean Summit Review

Thank you to all who attended our 2017 Annual Lean Summit. Walking into the morning session it was obvious to all the house was packed and ready to talk Lean.  Over 120 CLN members from all industries attended the event. Michael Shull, Lean Strategy Manager for the Colorado Lean Network stated “From Wyoming to Colorado springs and into the High Rockies, this event attracted members from the widest geographical region to date!” 

The 2017 Colorado Lean Network Annual Summit was an out-of-box type of event that let the attendees customize their own personal summit. Providing all the opportunity to Network, be inspired and find some tools and direction to improve their own lean experiences. Rosa Kougl, planning committee lead and City of Arvada participant said,  “The out-of-the-box approach lent to this year’s Summit was the icing on the cake, so many of the participants liked the variety!  Thank you for inviting Arvada to host the Lean Summit this year.”  A big cheer is sent to the City of Arvada and the local businesses that did such an amazing job hosting and making all feel at home.



  • The Colorado Lean Network has unveiled a new mission statement: “Inspire, develop and support improvement practitioners to better serve Colorado organizations and communities.”
  • Get ready for the next quarterly Kaizen event hosted by the State of Colorado coming up in January 2018, stay tuned for details.
  • With more than 340 members across 11 industries, the Colorado Lean Network continues to grow.


The out-of-box approach to the planning of the Summit provided the opportunity for all to participate in a self guided Gemba walk, experiencing the impact of change from past, present to future of transportation in the heart of Arvada’s Downtown Historic District. Scotty Martin of Revision said, “Loved the Gemba walk idea this year.  It allowed us to get out of the indoors, walk around, get exercise, network, hear great presentations, and see how wonderful the City of Arvada is (and is becoming).  Great job!”


Keynote Speakers

Karyn Ross of Karyn Ross Consulting opened the summit discussing: Practical Creativity! Using Creativity and Lean to Satisfy Customers Now and For the Long-Term.

David Neenan, founder of The Neenan Achistrution Company continued the morning keynote addresses by discussing: Thriving after a Black Swan Event: When utter failure takes you by surprise, and how to use it to your advantage.

Morning Speakers

Gary Vansuch, Director, Office of Process Improvement for the Colorado Department of Transportation spoke on: Shifting Culture Through Change Management.

Jeff Roussel, VP of Sales for KaiNexus discussed: Developing a Culture of Continuous Improvement.

City of Arvada Police Chief Don Wick spoke on: Being a disruptive change agent in a high stakes environment.

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

City of Arvada Detective’s Dave Snelling & Tim Gideon lead a breakout session discussing: Managing the Digital Age in Crime Scene Science.

Robyn Undieme from the City of Tulsa’s office of Performance, Strategy & Innovation brought to the group a discussion on: Navigating Power, Politics and Personalities for Project success.  

Michele Hovet and Mark Caswell of KSM consulting spoke with the group on: The Introduction to Design Thinking

Paulette Hanse, Director of Career Development for The Neenan Company lead a breakout session on: Building Relationships Intentionally = Engagement.

Adam Cohen the owner and CEO of Accelerant Performance Solutions created a discussion on Accelerant Performance Solutions.

NETWORKING: Opportunity before, during and after

Networking is a main tenant of the Colorado Lean Network mission, at the Annual Lean Summit we ensured all had a chance to connect before, during and after the event. Throughout the morning time was allowed for networking opportunities, allowing individuals to get-up, discuss and talk lean. The afternoon breakout sessions had designated times to line folks up to engage and motivate each other to bring lean back to their everyday environments.  And at the end of the day, Arvada kept showcasing it’s wonderful local business as the summit ended with a networking happy hour at Kline’s Beer Hall.

Thank you, Sponsors!

Without your support, we could not have done this event. Thank you!

2017 Summit Sponsors

2017 Colorado Lean Summit Report

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