Welcome to the Colorado Lean Network

cropped-logo1-square-wp.pngInnovation—desk level, grass roots, employee lead innovation—it’s what we do and it is how the Colorado (or Front Range) Lean Practitioner’s Group got its start. A couple of passionate practitioners who realized there were so many of us doing the same thing, failing the same way and learning the same lessons independently.  Why couldn’t we form a loose network of like-minded folks who believe that the people of Colorado are better served when we come together to network, share ideas, celebrate successes and learn from one another?  And so we did-the Front Range Lean Practitioner’s Group was born.

We started hosting meetings where we could get together and brag (or cry) about what we were doing. After that came the annual Mile High Lean Summit-a free day of learning for our members.  But like many innovations we all had busy day jobs and our grassroots community limped along.

Enter Michael Shull and Chloe Sanders-two passionate members who knew that, like all innovations, this group needed some structure in order to grow and thrive. With your input they shortened the name, created a website, a mailing list, an events calendar and a brand for our group.  The sum of their efforts is so much more than this website.  It represents the evolution of our group to a more interactive forum for learning, networking and sharing–FRLPG 2.0 if you will.

Welcome to the Colorado Lean Network. Our greatest hope is not that you will peruse the website and attend the meetings (although we  hope you will) but that you will deeply engage, collaborate and share with this group and thus contribute to sustaining this incredible community.

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