Post-Event Recap: Q3 Kaizen at Spectra

Stepping into a manufacturing setting for our Q3 Kaizen forum event was a breath of fresh air. Just walking through the front doors and being greeted with excellent hospitality while Spectra staff cheerfully worked to improve their own check-in process presented a warm culture for improvement.

Systems Thinking–Building a Culture for Improvement

From beginner-level Lean principles to advanced-level visual management dashboards, Spectra Logic had a wide range of improvement principles and practices to share.

The day started out with an overview of Lean systems thinking as it is embedded within the culture of Spectra Logic from the manufacturing line to the accounting and human resources teams. Shortly after Spectra Logic Lean leaders took us all on a Gemba Walk to catch a glimpse of how Lean has been deployed throughout the entire organization.

Additionally, they introduced six of the core Lean tools that Spectra uses throughout their daily improvement journeys: 5S, visual management, value-stream mapping, standardization of work, spaghetti diagramming and Lean metrics.

Survey Says…

The event attracted forty-two members of which a sub-set gave a 92% satisfaction rating. A few of the members commented through an anonymous survey saying “I enjoyed seeing examples and hearing the success stories”, “It was interesting to see how Lean expanded beyond manufacturing” and “It was a fantastic event and I thought Spectra Logic did a great job!”. Excellent work, Spectra Logic and a big thank you to Tim Brainard for organizing this fantastic event with your team.

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