Do you find yourself acting as the primary problem solver on your team? Do you wish you could get more people on the team to be effective problem solvers? The reality is, as Lean practitioners and leaders, we can't do all of the problem raising and problem solving ourselves. We need to develop the problem-solving … Continue reading LEAN LEADERSHIP: THE ART OF ASKING GOOD COACHING QUESTIONS


A3 is more than a tool. It is a methodical approach to think about business problems. We will learn about theory of A3 and then engage in developing our own A3 reports. This is a Hands-On Workshop where you will get a chance to practice what you learn. Networking activities will be built into the … Continue reading HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: A3 THINKING & IMPLEMENTATION

Call to Action: Present at the 2018 Colorado Lean Summit!

The 2018 Colorado Lean Summit is just around the corner - October 12, 2018 (Save the Date!) Want to be a part of bringing the Summit to Life? We are looking for speakers and case study presenters. Read more and head on over to apply - we would love to share your expertise and case … Continue reading Call to Action: Present at the 2018 Colorado Lean Summit!

Community Outreach at Metro Caring

Join This Hands On Lean Opportunity You spoke and we listened.  Many Colorado Lean Network members have told us that they want to learn by seeing and learn by doing.  Towards that end, we have proudly partnered with Metro Caring, Denver's front-line anti-hunger organization, to conduct a series of improvement events that CLN members can … Continue reading Community Outreach at Metro Caring

2018 Picnic Recap:

Fun, Sun, and Team One   CLN Members came together for networking, food, and fun at our CLN Picnic on June 15th. We had a great time learning about each other’s passions with Lean, exchanging business cards for future partnerships, and participating in the Marshmallow Challenge! Thank you to those who donated to cover our … Continue reading 2018 Picnic Recap:

Q3 2018 Quarterly Kaizen at CDOT

Implementing and Sustaining Organizational Lean Process Improvement So you’ve started your Lean transformation – integrating Lean tools, events and methodologies. But change is hard. How do you sustain the transformation and continue to grow and improve after the hype of your initial implementation wears off? Find out at this CLN Quarterly Kaizen Event hosted by … Continue reading Q3 2018 Quarterly Kaizen at CDOT

2018 Colorado Lean Summit

From Tools to Transformation: The Journey to Performance Excellence The Colorado Lean Network, along with our humble host, the Denver Health Lean Academy, will be taking you on a journey toward world-class performance excellence during the 2018 Colorado Lean Summit! Event Recap Lean is not just about how to utilize tools or run events. For … Continue reading 2018 Colorado Lean Summit

A look back at the March 2018 Quarterly Kaizen at Lutheran

  Event Overview Thank you to all who attended the 2018 Quarterly Kaizen at Lutheran and helped make the event successful for all.  Over 60 Colorado Lean Network (“CLN”) members from all industries attended the event where CLN Lean champions took the opportunity teach new Lean tools to the group, while applying those tools to … Continue reading A look back at the March 2018 Quarterly Kaizen at Lutheran