Process Mapping with Toast - Tom Wujec is famous for traveling around the world in order to fix complex business problems while relating those problems to the process of making toast. Corey Niemeyer and myself thought that this activity would mesh well with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich simulation that we developed. It seems that this simulation has gone … Continue reading Process Mapping with Toast
Denver Zoo Peak Academy  - Do you ever wonder how the Denver Zoo uses process improvement to innovate? Watch this short clip. Thanks for sharing Sophia Ernst.
Lean Coffee Meeting - “When we invite people to meetings and we give them a strong agenda upfront, we are completely robbing ourselves of all of the wisdom that the meeting attendees would bring with them.” –Jim Benson, 2014
Multitasking Destroys Productivity - The title says it all. Take 3 minutes to see how well you can multitask.
Root Cause Analysis - Getting to the root cause of a problem is the first step taken to understand how to fix the problem. After all, if you do not know what is causing the problem, how are you going to fix it? Ask Why 30 Times Certified Reliability Engineer Mark Galley takes this methodology one step further. Expanding … Continue reading Root Cause Analysis
Standard of Work: Draw a Pig Exercise - If you are wondering why individuals often deliver varied results when given the same instructions
Lean 101: Kaizen = Continuous Improvement - There is no better video to explain the roots of Kaizen and the Toyota Production System than this one. When delivering food to those affected by Superstorm Sandy in 2012, efficiency was of paramount importance. Watch how Toyota helped streamline one relief effort in order to deliver more food, faster.