Webinar: Transition from Doing Problem Solving to Coaching Problem Solving

Think of the iconic sports coaches. The inspirational locker room talks. Setting the game plan and selecting plays. Giving players feedback on form and fundamentals. That’s what most of us think of when we hear the word “coaching”.

But when it comes to coaching problem solving, things are different.

In our world of continuously improving our operations, coaching requires specific skills- skills that go against everything we’ve developed up until now.

Eventbrite - 2018 Colorado Lean Summit


Challenge yourself to take two critical steps to transition from doing to coaching:

  • Key differences between doing and coaching
  • How your problem-solving skills get in the way of coaching
  • Three critical steps you can start today to become a better problem-solving coach


  • This is a virtual webinar. Links will be emailed to you once you sign up.


  • Friday, August 14th
  • 10:00am – 10:30am MST
Eventbrite - 2018 Colorado Lean Summit


Jamie V. Parker helps organizations build Lean culture through everyday leadership. With 17 years of multi-unit operations management experience, Jamie specializes in working with Operations leadership teams who’ve had some targeted success with Lean, but haven’t yet built the everybody-everywhere-everday improvement culture they crave. 

Through strategic planning, training, mentoring, and implementation support, Jamie helps operations leaders spark improvement behaviors, generate engagement and commitment, and develop problem solvers – while still getting their day job done. 
Jamie LOVES a great murder mystery and has honed her knack for helping operations leaders connect the dots of beliefs, behaviors, and systems – just like her favorite crime show detectives and their red-string murder boards.  Learn more at www.ProcessPlusResults.com and connect with Jamie at www.linkedin.com/in/jamievparker/

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